Funeral Information

When a loved one dies, we are here to help.  We encourage you to notify us right away so that we may offer our prayer and support.

Generally, the next step is to contact a funeral home.  The family usually meets with funeral home staff at the funeral home; during that meeting, the funeral home staff contacts the parish to set the date and time of the funeral. We then provide everything needed to plan the details of the Funeral Liturgy or Service.

If you have spoken with a funeral home to arrange cremation/burial but they will not be coordinating the church service, please call the parish office at 410-974-4366 and ask to speak with Fr. Andrew or our office manager, Chanda Manturuk, to schedule a meeting and begin the funeral service planning process.

What to Expect in Planning a Funeral Service

Some considerations to be discussed as we work with you to plan a funeral service at St. Andrew by the Bay include:

  • Whether to have a full Catholic mass or a prayer service at church, or a graveside service
  • Whether burial will take place after the service
  • Whether to have a reception at the parish or offsite
  • Date of the funeral service (Masses typically 11am Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays)
  • Involvement of family/friends in the service (for example, selecting someone to do the readings, bring forward the gifts at Mass, place pall on the coffin or urn, place Bible and crucifix on the coffin or urn)
  • Finding a local florist and ordering flowers for the Mass (typically one large arrangement at the altar, a smaller arrangement at the lectern and an optional arrangement near the urn table)
  • Details of designated charity in lieu of flowers if utilizing an online obituary through a funeral home
  • Readings and music selections for the service
  • Photo of loved one for the funeral program (prepared by parish staff)
  • Photo of loved one for display at Mass
  • Whether to purchase a guest book or prayer cards from a local funeral home
  • Number of funeral guests expected (to assist with program copies and Mass planning)
  • Whether or not you would like the service live-streamed on our Facebook page

We understand that the funeral planning process can be overwhelming, and it is our goal to assist you in whatever way needed.


If it is helpful, families are welcome to utilize our pre-planning form and resources here to provide initial information on funeral wishes prior to meeting with our staff.  Pre-planning forms may also be completed at any time so that final wishes of yourself or your loved ones may be kept on file here at St. Andrew by the Bay.  

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