2024 Lenten Study

Parish Lenten Study


5 Fridays in Lent

Feb 16-Mar 22, excluding Mar 8th


Time: 7:00pm to 8:15pm (after Lenten Dinners)

Location: Upper Hall

Join fellow parishioners in the Upper Hall on Fridays during Lent for a 5-part video & discussion series from Formed.  Childcare available with reservation – please visit Lenten Study Childcare to sign up your children at least 2 days prior for availability.

Filmed on location in Galilee, Bread of Life: The Eucharist in Galilee, is presented by Dr. Tim Gray.  Christ’s teaching about the Eucharist was not reserved solely for the Last Supper.  Rather, this profound mystery is the crescendo of Jesus’ entire ministry: all his work in Galilee prepared for and pointed to the Eucharist.  

During this study, we will walk with Jesus as he prepared the world for God’s immense love in the gift of His son so that through him, we can be nourished by his body and blood.  Dr. Gray shows how Christ’s eucharistic teaching is grounded in the Old Testament, provides hope for the reconstitution of Isarael, and anticipates the Last Supper.  Together we will take a closer look at the multiplication of the loaves and fishes, Jesus walking on water, declaring himself the bread of life, and sharing his Eucharistic teaching.