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Live EVENT - Pumpkin Gospel 

Join us at the Bell Tower on Halloween Day for The Pumpkin Gospel and goodies with Ms. Jen!  Our Pumpkin Gospel event takes place right after Confessions scheduled that morning.  Hint: The Pumpkin Gospel is all about Reconciliation.....so what a great time to go to confession!


10:00am for Pre-K thru 3rd Grade

10:30am for the 4th & 5th grade Doves

Families are welcome to attend both if they have children of various ages, or choose one. 







Parent Orientation Meetings:

We have concluded all 6 of our Parent Orientation Meetings.  If you were late to, or missed your meeting, please click HERE to watch a recording of our last one.  

Highlighted Points from the Orientation

Focus on the faith content.   The entire book does not have to be filled in, it is fine to discuss instead of write.  The books will not be turned in, and we want this time with your child to be beautiful moments of faith formation.

Can't catch up?  If you get behind and can't seem to catch up at some point, please reach out to your catechist and we will excuse a session so you can keep up with the class.  Stress about how you are going to catch up during difficult times is counterproductive to faith formation!

Growing with God!  Please note a few things with Growing with God.  We are not going to include Lesson 4, so please throw away that worksheet if you have it.  Also, watch out for supplemental videos from Jen on your Class Site during weeks you have a Growing With God Lesson.  They are only to watch, no need to reply.


Resources Needed for PREP!

Hello to all of our elementary families!  As our year kicks off this week, I would like to post links to the various resources you will be using this year in case they get misplaced at home.  

Does your child want a Wanderlight Game Account?  If so, email jminor@standrewbythebay.org.


Calling all Preschoolers (4)!

Faith formation in pre-school is a beautiful time to start your child’s faith formation.  Children at the age of 4 have a deep well of trust and faith that makes it the prime age to begin teaching them their catholic faith.  Our faith formation program here at St. Andrew by the Bay has an amazing preschool catechist who is ready to bring the love of Jesus to your child!  We are not letting social distancing stop us from reaching children this year.  For an example of how Ms. G will be bringing the faith alive to your kids this year, watch this video: