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Catholic Advocacy Network

Posted on January 31, 2022 in: Give and Serve

Catholic Advocacy Network


Pope Francis discussed the need for Catholics to engage in politics by stating in 2013: "None of us can say, ‘I have nothing to do with this, (politicians) govern ... No, no, I am responsible for their governance, … and I have to do my best by participating in politics according to my ability.”


The Maryland General Assembly convened on January 12th . Lobbyists are converging on the state capital to influence state policy and law. You too can be a lobbyist from your own home. It is important that parishioners reach out by email, snail mail or phone to their legislators to encourage them on how to vote on issues. So that you do not have to navigate the complicated legislation process, the Maryland Catholic Conference monitors the assembly's activity for issues of importance to our faith including abortion, assisted suicide, criminal justice, education, immigration, poverty, etc. The Conference then sends out Alerts to those who signed up for the Catholic Advocacy Network. Alerts will often have prepared comments on legislation which members can add to if desired with little effort. An automated system then sends your comments to your legislators based on your zip code.  Legislators do pay attention to what their constituents say.  Catholic Advocacy Network members from across Maryland also receive legislative updates, resources for Catholic Advocacy Day, and election information.


Join the Catholic Advocacy Network and let your voice be heard

by clicking on or going to www.mdcatholic.org/joincan .