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Synod 2021-23

Posted on October 28, 2021 in: General News

Synod 2021-23

Pope Francis has called the whole Church to a Synod

We, the Church, are meant to “journey together,” and Pope Francis is asking “All the People of God” to share what that is like for us. And to help discern how the Holy Spirit is moving through and with the Church.  This is the first step in the 2 year process of the world-wide Synod on Synodality. It starts with us.


How is ‘journeying together’ happening in our local church?

What experiences of local church does this question call to mind?

What joys, difficulties, obstacles, wounds, insights have these experiences elicited?

What is the Holy Spirit asking of us?

Thank you for participating in our listening sessions!

To learn more or to submit your feedback online, visit: