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Parish Honors Nominations

Posted on February 16, 2024 in: General News, Give and Serve

Parish Honors Nominations

Parish Honors Nominations

Submission deadline April  21, 2024

The Pastoral Council is now accepting nominations for our Parish Honors Awards.

We encourage you to think about someone here at St. Andrew by the Bay who, in the past year, may have...

  • Brought the beauty of the sacraments alive for you
  • Helped you to understand the Church's teachings
  • Inspired or challenged you in a memorable way

Or perhaps you noticed someone's quiet kindness, spirit of joyful giving or humble service here in 2023?


We invite you to see God’s hand among us through our fellow parishioners, and to tell the Pastoral Council about it!

You can:

  • Use our online Google Form
  • Download the PDF nd email it to Fr Andrew at adefusco@standrewbythebay.org
  • Print the PDF below or pick up a copy at church and return to the Welcome Desk or Parish Office.