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About Us

WHO: Men of any age interested in the fearless orthodoxy, vivid faith and jovial community of Christian fellowship.  
WHAT: Informally hang out and talk about topics important to Catholic men.  We socialize for about 45 minutes over beverages and snacks.  (Despite the group name, alcohol's not the point - non-alcoholic options abound.)  Then we share a short prayer, watch a video (usually from Word on Fire), and discuss it as a group.  There's no formal curriculum, but the connections and solidarity that grow out of these sessions mean a lot.
WHEN: 7:30-9:30 p.m. every other Thursday.
WHERE: Private homes.   We coordinate the meetings through our Google Group and a Google calendar. (No pressure to host  - some guys host a lot, others never).
HOW: We invite you to drop in and check us out.  There's no commitment - we say "once is better than never."  
If you are curious or interested, email Tim at timothyfeist@gmail.com.

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