Updates on 1st Communion dates as we are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic


Important Updates!

We finally have some dates for 1st Communion!!! Yay!!  More dates will be added continually until everyone has had celeberated their 1st Eucharist.

Please see the following link for all the information and sign up information. 

As always please contact Jen or Meredith with any questions.



If you missed our Sacramental Meeting via Zoom on June 2nd, there is a recording.

Please watch this video with Fr. Jeff and Jen on the progress and choices for your child celeberating their 1st Communion by clicking HERE.  Many questions have come up with the news of Fr. Jeff being reassigned to a new parish, and SABB welcoming a new parish priest.  Over 40 of us met to be in one “space” to ask questions, talk about different options, etc.  I can't thank you enough for the grace and patience that all of you have had during this endless wait!

For those of you whose children are still waiting for 1st Reconciliation, they can start receiving now!  I urge you to do this soon to guarantee Fr. Jeff will be there for your child.  There is no sign up for 1st Reconciliation kids, Fr. Jeff knows they will be arriving over the next few weeks.  Reconciliations are taking place outside on Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays from 10-11:30am.  Again, no need to sign up, just arrive with your child making sure all family members that arrive have masks.  


Things to know and do while you wait:

            Your children will celebrate their 1st Eucharist and be spiritually fed by our Lord Jesus Christ.  When the sadness about the postponement of their sacrament weighs on your hearts, I hope that you think how joyful it will be to gather together in our Church and the moment of their 1st Communion will be even more profound and joyful.  Can you imagine that day?  It gives me goose bumps to think of the love and spirit in those walls, as we all are present to watch your children join us at the Lord’s table. 

              If you are wondering what to do until then, to keep their hearts focused on their sacraments, I urge you to log on and participate in our online Sacramental Group!  Just go back to the Online Preparation page.  Also, please keep practicing communion at home and joining us for Live Mass online!