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Grief Support

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Grief Support

Our Ministry to the Bereaved will always strive to bring comfort and healing no matter the source or manifestation of grief. Validating the reality of every individual who comes to us, we will serve, to the best of our ability, whenever and wherever we are needed, with the help of God."

For information on any of the following, or to participate in this ministry, please contact Stephany Crane at 410-974-4366.

Serving the Bereaved at the Time of Death:

We offer:

  • Assistance in planning the funeral liturgy
  • Readers, altar servers, Extraordinary ministers for the funeral as needed
  • Help with hospitality for a reception after the funeral
  • Compassionate listening and supportive presence
  • Information about grief and suggestions to help families through the hard work of mourning
  • Links with other support ministries and referrals as needed

Serving through the time of Bereavement:

We offer:

  • An evening of prayer and remembrance each November to honor our deceased loved ones
  • Bereavement education/support groups open to the community at large:  Ongoing group meets monthly offsite.  Intensive 8-week group meets each fall and spring.
  • One-on-one companioning
  • A library of material on grief-related subjects

And specifically for those suffering pregnancy loss:

We also offer:

  • Blessing of parents
  • Special remembrance services for unbaptized children (There is no time limit for these services, and no constraints regarding the length of your pregnancy.  You have a right to grieve the loss of your baby whether your child died at 2 months, 6 months, or full term.)


How to Help Your Grieving Child

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